Saturday, November 08, 2008


I don't understand what education we are get and providing. I remember when I was between 8th to 10th I use to ask question to my teacher that what is use of this education or what ever you are teaching in our regular life but so sad never get answer. Because there was no such answer for that. Like

            We study in math that’s call 'algebra', 'logarithm' and other formula works etc I know its use full for those who chose that field but as per calculation those are 5 to 8%. Why others 92% are in panic why they don't have any thing else which helpful for all kind field work. Why they don't make some kind of universal base.

            I believe the problem is not with education it’s with system which we are running at. We need to organize this otherwise... yea its good business for our country 'Give nothing but earn much'. That’s why if you know any good business man then you will find his involvement in BONUS Education business. This involvement case problem for government schools because if you are familiar with rule of business then there is no problem to understand if government schools provide better education on lowest rate then who would like to go private school so taking down level of government school. Business mafia need to apply there policy to them If you are unable to compete your competitor then buy it”.

In other way we also show our wrong emotions like If Government School student fail in exam then we get angry and most of us blame to Government School teacher that they are not providing good education and are not regular in classes. But in same way it happen to Private School Student fail our anger will transfer to child that he didn't study hard. Giving child private education still not enough we need to join them tuition even you will find your child daily home work dairy a long list. You will feel that you are the real teacher because when you start help you child with his home work its take at least 2-3hr then of course question came in mind that what was my child doing 6hr in school? Even taking bed marks in monthly test private school comments will ‘you are not teaching you child at home’. If I need to do this then why I am sending my child to school? What is your responsibility? Only filling child daily dairy with bunch of advises? 

   One other thing is going on especially an in collage which is if collage professor is getting Rs. 50,000 salary for teaching 60-70 students in a class and 6hrs duty. In other way he is getting same amount from 8-10 student teaching them in house or institute only 2-3hrs so why in world should he ignore this opportunity. Off course he can’t ignore this and he also can’t quit collage job because collage is the place where professor/lecturer can low the level of education and make his tuition shine.

   I am not against of making extra money but if same kind of activity hurt others so in order maintain standard it should be band. There is lot of other place where they can make extra. Using collage for advertise there Institute, force students for better lecture join his institute and buy only there books not fear. 

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