Sunday, November 09, 2008

How to Organize Education System:

What I suggest to develop system of education is. First we need to study of our culture then apply those needs to our education. Some practical activities should be involved in our education system like.


a)     Industrial Visits:

·         Duration age 4-7 the joy age when child just care eating or joy so for this age food industrial is best visit. Like (Biscuits factory, Braid factory, Candy factory etc) because these things are there daily routine things never mind if you don’t give them easy or story about visit. They will talk to friends, parents, neighbors that how this candy made which they eating right now.

·         Duration age 7-14 the energy age so I suggest visit energy industrials like (Electric power plant, Gas, petrol, etc) why its important because this age is start of life when kid start learning so he/she has to which are the most important industries/plant every country should have.

·         Duration age 14-20 the cultural industries visit. Age when the get smarter so this is the time we need to tell them what is our country is importing and exporting. Like Textile Mills, Rise & Sugar Mills, etc.

b)    Swimming: learning period age 7-15

·         It’s easier to learn in this age rather then in upper age.

·         Most plunging accident happens in this age. I personally seen some case.

·         Why swimming because 95% people can’t swim. That’s why our plunge death ratio higher then other country. Every month or two you read news paper guys plunge in sea.

·         This will also help people in disasters which every year happen. Like torrent, sea storm etc. 

c)     First AID: learning period age 7-15

·         This is age when we hurt our self more then our elder age and mostly hurting place is ground where boys play sports. This thing help child block his blood at the point rather losing lot of blood reaching at home.

·         This will also help them in elder age facing unfortunate accidents.

·         Also this will be big help in disasters as in disaster like Earth Quake we don’t need doctors if any body who knows first aid can help.

d)    Fire Drill: learning period age 10-20

·         Use of fire common in our life so some time its case problems. So not only you need to know how to get safe plus also you should need to know how to stop it from spreading.

·         The aid of burned wound is deferent from normal wound. So it should be included in fire drill otherwise it will be incomplete.

e)     Driving: learning period age 14-24

·         At graduation degree you should have your driving license. Now days without transport life can’t move. What will happen where you should need transport for help so that’s why at least you know how drive a car or ride bike.      


zmalook said...

I like every one who wants to do something for his country.Well i liked your comments and i think there are more things we can add in this like NCC Training for boys and First AID for girls.You did the good job carry on men.

Khattak said...

Morty Bhai Bahut Achay !

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